Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

If you’re looking to improve your physical or emotional well-being, the Feldenkrais method offers a way to help tap into your innate healing potential.

Attending to yourself in a non-judgmental way, as you are being guided through slow and gentle movements offers a unique opportunity to naturally feel better.

Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method

Physical Wellness

The Feldenkrais method offers an effective and gentle way to help with chronic pain, tension. It can help improve posture, balance, and coordination; prevent injury, and speed up injury recovery.

Emotional Wellness

Working through the body has a way of reaching a place beyond analysis and interpretation, often providing immediate relief for stress and anxiety. Feldenkrais sessions can be a great way to support the process of psychotherapy.

For Children

The Feldenkrais Method is uniquely well-suited to help children with motor difficulties, developmental delays, impulse control, and sensory processing issues.
Providing gentle feedback through touch helps accelerate child’s own learning and development, without using force or imposition.

Igor Shteynberg, Feldenkrais Pracitioner


“I am fascinated by how the intelligence of the human nervous system allows new possibilities to emerge. For the past 10 years I have found great joy in witnessing transformation in the lives of my clients as they discover more ease, freedom of movement, and integrate greater sense of well-being into their daily lives.”


“I left the session feeling so much more relaxed in mind, body, and spirit!” — Rev. Chelsea MacMillan

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