Guilt Free Self-Care – Experiential Zoom Workshop

This workshop is a precious opportunity to experience a wellness practice that is effective, accessible and embodies learning mindset and self-acceptance. 

Part 1: After a brief introduction, you will be guided through a series of gentle movements to help you naturally feel better physically and emotionally.

Part 2(optional) We’ll focus on short self-care routines you can integrate into your daily life.

Each Day will include brief introduction and cover different topics. Come to one or to all.
Monday December 21: 11am and 7pm Eastern(NYC) Time
Wednesday December 23: 11am and 7pm Eastern(NYC) Time
Monday December 28: 11am and 7pm Eastern(NYC) Time
Wednesday December 30: 11am and 7pm Eastern(NYC) Time

Location: Online via Zoom (link will be sent as soon as you register)
Price: 5/10/15 suggested donation is appreciated, but not required
Important: Multiple times offered. Please click registration link and select your time zone to see available times.

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Benefits of this work include:
– reduce stress and anxiety
– feel more relaxed and move with ease
– naturally be more present and grounded

Testimonials from workshop and class participants:
“Igor’s Feldenkrais classes have helped me to stay sane and in tune with my body during the pandemic.”

“Post-lesson, I observe a fresh and lasting lightness of movement that carries into all of my activities.”

“I am always amazed at how much looser and how spacious my body feels after a session. It doesn’t seem logical that with such small, soft, quiet movements so much space is created.”

Register for the Workshop